Dave Fecak




Deanna Nemes



About Dave
Dave has 20 years of experience as an agency recruiter (AKA headhunter) specializing in retained technology searches for startups and established firms in the mid-Atlantic region. He founded a large technology users' group in Philadelphia in 2000 and served as the group's president until 2015. Dave frequently writes about career topics on his blog JobTipsForGeeks, and his work has been featured or referenced in The Washington Post, Lifehacker, Fast Company, CBS MoneyWatch, The Wall Street Journal Online, and IT World. Dave published his first book, Job Tips For Geeks: The Job Search, in 2013. He is also active on Reddit and Hacker News threads related to résumés and careers. 

Dave graduated from the University of Delaware.

Statement: "Providing advice on résumés and careers can have serious implications on the lives of those we counsel, and unfortunately there is a wealth of poor advice available on the web. Career advice is not one-size-fits-all, as every candidate has different experience, expectations, and motivations. Because my advice can sometimes mean the difference between a job offer or a rejection, I firmly believe in being direct and giving actionable advice whenever possible. I say what you need to hear, which may not always be what you want to hear, in order to maximize your professional opportunities."


About Deanna
Deanna entered the recruiting world in 1996 after graduating from LaSalle University, and she spent the better part of her career reviewing résumés and screening candidates to determine which applicants would be seen by hiring managers. She has experienced recruitment as an internal recruiter, hiring manager, third-party headhunter, and as a job seeker.

Statement: "Over 15 years I've seen some pretty horrible résumés and some fantastic ones. I've seen résumés that look pretty yet say almost nothing about the experience of the candidate. Most often the person with the bad résumé is not getting past a first vetting. When going through résumés sitting in an inbox, it can be a sea of bold unread emails for each position available. Narrowing the field down to a few qualified applicants is tedious work, and with deadlines hanging over a recruiter’s head it may only allow a few seconds to view a résumé and move on. This is the reality of a busy professional in the hiring world. I know what it takes to catch a reader's eye during this all important first viewing to increase the odds that your résumé will get into the hands of the hiring manager. Let me help you develop those nuances that make the difference between being passed over and getting the interview."