...except when it isn't.

Most job seekers learn about their résumé mistakes and shortcomings in the worst way - multiple rejections from hiring companies.

Résumé Raiders offers a mix of résumé review, revision, and full writing service offerings to accommodate job seekers with varying needs. These services are provided by a hiring and recruiting industry veteran with twenty years of experience.

The résumé review service is an inexpensive solution for anyone who would like actionable expert advice before applying for jobs (or after unsuccessful applications). For those needing a bit more assistance, I offer review + revision and full résumé writing services as well as LinkedIn Profile Reviews and cover letters. If you need live advice on your job search or any other career topic, Job Search Strategy/Career Consulting services with the founder are available by the hour. And if you want a comprehensive service to ensure all your assets are in order, The Works package provides four combined services at a volume discount.

Who benefits most from our services?

  • Job seekers who feel they have a strong résumé but are not getting positive results

  • Highly-experienced professionals with long résumés that need to be optimized to a digestible size

  • Accomplished individuals who need help prioritizing their work history

  • Anyone not aware of current employer expectations or trends (entry-level, new grads, those re-entering the workforce)

  • International job seekers from cultures where accepted résumé formats typically differ

  • Candidates who are not confident with their written English

And anyone who wants the confidence and peace of mind that their résumé is the best it can be

What makes us different?

Many “résumé writers” are simply “writers” who realized that they could earn a living writing résumés. Their résumés may be full of flowery language and impeccable sentence structure, but is that what employers and recruiters notice?

I can tell you that they don't. How do I know? Because I was the one reading (and often rejecting) those résumés. Our founder has 20 years of industry experience reviewing and evaluating résumés for potential hire.

Simply put, I know what works and what doesn't. I know what hiring managers and recruiters want to read, and I know which résumés get sent for interview and which get deleted.

My feedback is direct, actionable, and based on lessons learned from reviewing and writing several thousand résumés.

Just ask our customers