Résumé Raiders has performed résumé, LinkedIn, cover letter, and/or career coaching services for professionals from over 30 US states and six continents, including clients from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, The Philippines, and Uganda. Here are a few of their stories.

H.M.    Software Developer  Puerto Rico/Washington State USA

Software Developer
Puerto Rico/Washington State USA

"One big setback during my job search initially was not hearing back from anyone. The issue was definitely my three page résumé. After one day with Dave my résumé was one page and it showcased me better than I could have done myself. The whole process was super simple. I also did a Skype call and really gained a grasp of understanding exactly where I wanted to go with my career. After the first day I started using my revised résumé I was finally hearing back. Weeks later I was flying for on-site interviews and getting offers. In the end I landed my dream job and haven't looked back. I highly recommend using Résumé Raiders."

Kimmy Nordqvist   Digital Strategist  Stockholm, Sweden

Kimmy Nordqvist
Digital Strategist
Stockholm, Sweden

"Looking over your own résumé with a critical eye is not always easy. So finding Dave, with experience with IT-based résumés was exactly what I needed. He took my old CV template with a number of years on it, and gave it a makeover with an eye for what HR recruiters look for. Within two weeks of updating my profile I secured a new assignment. I could not be happier, and would highly recommend him for similar jobs!"

Eileen Farley, MSN   Healthcare Executive  Philadelphia, PA

Eileen Farley, MSN
Healthcare Executive
Philadelphia, PA

"Dave was recommended to me by a relative and it was the best recommendation I ever had! I had not had to job hunt for several decades and had a six page résumé. Dave was awesome in making my résumé two pages while highlighting my talents and summarizing my expertise extremely well. Dave was quick and professional. He also helped with my cover letter, thank you follow-ups, and my business cards. I highly recommend Dave and will reach out to him anytime for advice."

Travis Morton   Sales Engineer/Pilot  Sonoma, CA

Travis Morton
Sales Engineer/Pilot
Sonoma, CA

"Résumé Raiders did a better job with my résumé than I possibly could have on my own. I opted for the Raider Rewrite, and very quickly had a résumé that showed the best side of myself, tailored to the jobs I was looking for. Preparing my résumé alone again would feel like cutting my own hair."

Yoshi Hashimoto   Alternative Energy  Ontario, Canada

Yoshi Hashimoto
Alternative Energy
Ontario, Canada

"It's not always easy to distinguish between those services who can craft a truly effective résumé and those who just plug items into a template. I had assurances from another random poster on reddit that Dave is very thorough in his questions and trying different things until he gets it right, and I have to agree. He put a surprising amount of time and care into my project. Editing is my weakness, and I spent years trying to get my résumé under a page. Through various creative ways, he managed to do it without sacrificing the overall message."

Ben Gray   Software Developer  Atlanta, GA

Ben Gray
Software Developer
Atlanta, GA

"Working with Dave was a first-class experience. I was in the midst of looking for a position in which to apply my experience and expertise in IT when I approached Dave for assistance with my résumé. I had already spent some time putting together a list of previous jobs, skills and projects before I approached him. He worked closely with me to curate my jumbled collection of experiences into two separate résumés with two distinct purposes.
As a direct result of his work, I had two distinguished résumés. I sent them out to prospective employers and within two weeks had an interview. A job offer was made one week after that.  I cannot recommend Dave Fecak and his services highly enough. He is an example of a person who is superb at what they do and loves doing it."

Jason Hummel   Software Developer  Philadelphia, PA

Jason Hummel
Software Developer
Philadelphia, PA

"After procrastinating on updating my résumé for a few years I had a hard time figuring out where to begin and what to include on my résumé. Dave helped me sort out the important things from the not so important things and put together a great résumé. Dave really knows what employers are looking for and can help you land your next job like he did for me."

John Young   Product Manager  West Chester, PA

John Young
Product Manager
West Chester, PA

"I'm a technologist with a long résumé - TOO long, in fact, and I wasn't sure which were the important parts. Dave helped me refine my résumé to a lean, mean, page-and-a-half which highlighted my strengths without eliminating the parts that made my résumé special.

It was absolutely invaluable to have Dave's experienced insight as to which parts of the résumé are most attractive. Am I coming across the way I think I'm coming across? With his experience as a recruiter and hiring manager, Dave was able to help me refine my message. Thanks, Dave!"

Marie S.   Small business owner  Long Island, NY

Marie S.
Small business owner
Long Island, NY

"Having owned a business for 14 years, a résumé was not the first thing I had on my list of things that I needed done!
I was assisted every step of the way from start to finish. I love the fact that they can adjust the résumé to fit the style of occupation I may be applying for. This company is extremely knowledgeable on what is important and what is not. A résumé is the first impression a company will get from you and Résumé Raiders helps with just that! Both professional and personal are the two words that describe my experience with this company."
Mandy Zhang   Social Impact Venture Capitalist  China

Mandy Zhang
Social Impact Venture Capitalist

"Dave has been incredibly helpful during my MBA application process. He has made really thoughtful edits for all my essays and my essays improved significantly. He has always responded really timely even when the deadline is as short as 24 hours. With Dave’s help I got into Oxford, Harvard, Yale and Berkeley. I totally couldn’t do it without Dave’s help."

J.M.   Software Developer  Philippines

Software Developer

"I approached Dave for coaching on my job search from overseas. The advice he provided was clear, insightful, actionable, and tailored to the specifics of my situation. Particularly helpful was how he explained the rationale behind the advice he gave.  

The one hour session left me with concrete steps to take to organize and improve my job search efforts and résumé as well as a much better understanding of the dynamics involved in a job search from résumé-writing to hiring.

Dave is very good at what he does and clearly cares about helping his clients.  I would definitely recommend Résumé Raiders' services to anyone who needs help with their career, job search, and/or résumé."

Emil Burzo   Software Engineer  Romania

Emil Burzo
Software Engineer

"I contacted Dave after seeing the valuable career and résumé advice that he posts both on his website (jobtipsforgeeks.com) and also helping 1-to-1 on public forums like HN and Reddit.

To say he performed well would be an understatement, Dave went well above and beyond my wildest expectations.

Besides rewriting my four page monster résumé to a more standard 1.5 pages (a feat on it's own), he did it before my very eyes using the collaboration features on Google Docs.

He also took the time to dig into my work history and get to really know me, exposing notable achievements to be presented on my résumé. Don't be fooled by his modesty, he has the skills and experience that are crucial to the services he is offering."

Matt B.    Sales Management  Washington, DC

Matt B. 
Sales Management
Washington, DC

"Having your résumé reviewed by a professional is difficult, but it is a must do for anyone looking for their next career move. I had passed my résumé around to industry friends, English teachers, and anyone else I considered smarter than myself (there were quite a few). None of them provided as much insight, harsh truths, formatting tricks and clear actionable steps than Mr. Fecak. You may not agree or make all of the changes that he recommends, but it will at least get you thinking about them. Honestly, when is the last time you gave the Oxford comma serious consideration? What are the merits of an Objective vs. Profile Statement? I was very happy with the fast turn around of my résumé, and subsequent drafts, as well as the clear and concise manner of the feedback. He not only makes the edits with the employer in mind, but also asks you questions that in turn create a true picture of your talents and background. 10/10 would use again....hopefully not for awhile."

Matt Gowie   Software Developer  Seattle, WA

Matt Gowie
Software Developer
Seattle, WA

"I purchased 'The Works' service as a suggestion from one of my colleagues and I'm extremely happy with the turnout. Working with Dave to redesign my résumé and internet persona was a fast, easy process, and the results are much more elegant and professional than I could have expected. Dave has a ton of industry knowledge that was indispensable in making that happen. I'd highly recommend his services."

Robert Egan   Software Developer  Long Island, NY

Robert Egan
Software Developer
Long Island, NY

"As a new graduate, I was nervous and confused about putting together a résumé. After putting a rough draft together, Dave eased my worries and advised me on how to format and create a professional résumé that helped me be more confident. His style of communication is clear and direct. He asked questions that forced me to consider and understand what a potential employer is looking for. The other thing about Dave is that he truly wants your résumé to be as great as it can be. He doesn't settle. While working with him, I realized he is passionate about what he does and that is something I really appreciated. Dave not only helped me create a great résumé but he also taught me how to create a résumé."

Bob Lawson   Developer  Philadelphia, PA

Bob Lawson
Philadelphia, PA

"I was recently approached about an excellent job opportunity. The employer needed a résumé quickly. My résumé had become unruly and needed work. I contacted Dave, and in 24 hours he reorganized my résumé to look much more readable and professional. I sent the new résumé to the employer, who quickly responded with 'Very, very strong resume Bob!'. Thanks Dave."

Lee G.    Software Engineer  Washington, DC

Lee G. 
Software Engineer
Washington, DC

"I had a fantastic experience with Dave - he did a great job of revising my résumé, asked a lot of questions as we went, and explained why he was doing things (many other resume writers either don't or don't take the time to explain fully). Not only did I end up with the best résumé I've ever had (as evidenced by compliments from recruiters as well as results - I got a job even better than I was expecting to), but I feel as though I understand a lot more of the goals behind the process and don't believe I'll need anyone's help to keep mine updated. 

I've worked with at least three other résumé writers, and Dave is by FAR the best I've had the pleasure of doing business with. Not only does he get results, he's honest, doesn't try to suck you in and keep you paying forever, and provides some really great advice, too."