Our Philosophy




We perform our writing and editing services using Google Docs, which allows us to effectively and efficiently collaborate with our client. We invite you to view and edit the document right from the start, so you can make comments and respond to our questions directly within the résumé. We sometimes even collaborate with clients in real-time through chat or Skype.

Our work is being done before your eyes, giving you the ability to see progress as it happens and to redirect our work if you see any errors or omissions.

When we agree that the product is complete, you can download right from Google Docs in multiple file formats (.doc, PDF, etc.)

Optimization & Efficiency

We focus on optimizing the résumé content and presenting it in the most efficient format. The reader of your résumé wants a concise document that highlights accomplishments, so we work to keep the résumé on point and free from distractions while also accounting for automated résumé scanning software (ATS) searching for keywords.

We often borrow the phrase signal-to-noise ratio to describe this method. Using this analogy, our primary goal is to enhance your signal (accomplishments and credentials) by eliminating noise (anything else). We optimize sentences to get the point across using few words.



Substance over flash

One disturbing trend in the résumé business is the new breed of highly-visualized templates that leave little room for describing accomplishments. They often include graphs and charts depicting self-assessed skills, photos, and a variety of images that are often used to distract the reader from realizing that the applicant has little experience or few demonstrable skills.

We do not use elaborate templates or multiple graphics in most cases. Our clients are free to import the final content into a template, but the content and qualifications need to stand out above any imagery.