Résumé + LinkedIn review prepared for

Résumé Grading

Scale of 0 to 100

Dave's Notes

  • The profile is a bit too much industry-speak and not quantified. This is the place where you can quantify experience (years, team sizes, etc.) to give the reader an immediate ability to say yes to an interview.

  • Your descriptions of employment are a bit long-winded. The accomplishments can speak for themselves most of the time.

  • The lists of job titles makes it seem as though you are casting too wide a net.

  • The technologies list is probably a bit long and might be unnecessary. You list quite a few technologies in the Tech Profile that aren’t anywhere else on the resume, which can be a red flag.

Deanna's Notes

  • Under the Professional Profile heading, remove Senior Project Manager and everything in bold. It's confusing. I can't tell if those are skills, things you've done, or things you want to do. You can cherry pick a few of them and incorporate it into your Professional Profile (and that heading should simply be 'Summary').

  • For the Professional Profile you have now, you are using a lot of descriptive buzzwords, but you're not really saying anything. Remove any descriptions that are self-assessments (business savvy, progressive, excels at...) and simplify so you state who you are, what you do, and what type of position you are seeking.

  • Under the Professional Experience heading, again, remove everything in bold. If you have done all of those things, then incorporate them into your job descriptions.

  • Get rid of the explanation of the position under each company name. Incorporate them into your bullets. The goal is for the reader to be able to skim your resume, and be able to tell at a glance the technologies you've used, managerial experience (where applicable), skills, and accomplishments. Streamline and specify your bullets. You should also have the most detail in the more recent positions, and provide less details as you go back in time.

  • Only list details from the positions from 2003 on.  

  • As for your list of technologies, I think you should condense it to things you know extremely well, things you've worked with professionally, and technologies that are relevant to the type of position you are seeking. Listing too much can be confusing and the reader doesn't know if you know something extremely well, have used it professionally, etc.

Overall, the biggest issue with this resume is that you have three pages that don't tell the reader much of anything. I come away from reading this not knowing who you are, what you do, and what you want to do.I have very limited knowledge of your skills and responsibilities in your current job or previous jobs. A hiring manager wants to see very quickly whether or not you might be a fit for the position they have, and this resume does not do that.