Career Consulting/Coaching (1 hour)


Career Consulting/Coaching (1 hour)


One hour of live conversation via phone or Skype with Dave Fecak to assist with any career-related questions or concerns. The hour can be broken up into shorter calls to receive tailored advice after various stages of an interview process. Popular topics include:

  • General career advice - Is it the right time to change jobs? How can you grow into the career you want? 
  • Job search strategy - Simply sending out résumés is not a sound strategy. I show job seekers how to identify creative ways to get in the door at desired companies, how to make the approach, and what to look for during the process.
  • Salary and offer negotiation - Creating a strategy to maximize the salary, benefits, and overall value of any job offer or multiple offers.
  • Interview preparation - Advice on what to expect in the various stages of interviews and phone screens, how to answer questions, how to save a failed interview, and how to get to the offer process.
  • Marketability and employability assessment (primarily for technology industry clients) - A review of overall skills, the market for those skills, market value, and assessment of potential ability to be discovered and hired by new employers.
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Calls can be done via phone or video chat.