Résumé + LinkedIn Review


Résumé + LinkedIn Review


Your résumé will be personally and thoroughly reviewed and graded by Dave Fecak on the following criteria:

  1. Typos and errors

  2. Formatting

  3. Red flags (items that may scare employers)

  4. Completeness

  5. Writing quality, language, and style 

  6. Strength of content

You are provided with a report that will include bullet points containing comments and suggestions for improvements on specific items within your résumé.

Dave will apply his understanding of LinkedIn’s algorithm and knowledge of how recruiters search LinkedIn to review your profile and provide a report with suggestions

  • to improve overall content and voice

  • identify items to consider adding or removing

  • offer strategies and audit keywords to optimize the profile for discovery by recruiters and hiring managers

  • provide insight into LinkedIn features that are underutilized or misunderstood by users

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