The Best College Graduation Gift - A Winning Resume

If you are like many people today and rely on the web for suggestions on gift ideas, you'll find quite the variety of products being marketed as "College Graduation Gifts". Plush bears in a cap and gown, customized jewelry, fancy pens, and books by Dr. Seuss can be found at the top of most search results. Those may be cute, but none of those things are going to help a new college graduate with thousands of dollars in debt get the thing they really want (and probably need) most - a job.

The competition for entry-level jobs among new college graduates is as fierce as ever, and companies may get hundreds or even thousands of resumes submitted for their job postings. Applicants need a resume that will get noticed by screeners (whether human or machine) and passed along to the people who decide who gets an interview and who doesn't.

That's where we come in. We at Resume Raiders know what type of resumes result in interviews because we have been the ones making those decisions for nearly 20 years. Resume writers who have never been in human resources or recruiting roles and never had to make interview decisions may write sentences with exquisite grammar and structure, but fail to understand their audience.

Want to get your college graduate a practical gift that will jump-start their career and get them multiple interviews? Contact Resume Raiders to find out which of our services may be the best fit for your graduate's situation.